Following the ongoing demonstrations here in Israel about the cost of living, I’d like to share with you my experience in saving 3K a year -

 DISCONNECT from your Cable T.V, and use other alternatives!
When was the last time you watched T.V and mumbled “there’s nothing to see”?
Don’t you want to come home from work and just lay down on the sofa and watch your favorite show without any efforts? without waiting for the show to come up?
Here is my practical solution to decrease T.V cost - a “getting started” tutorial :

  1. Disconnect from cable T.V now  - cause there is nothing to watch especially when you want it most in your free time (unless you pay extra for VOD).
  2. Buy a streamer - a device that gets your T.V connected to your home network
  3. Not just any streamer - buy a Boxee box streamer
  4. Get all your favorite T.V shows and movies -preferably in a legal way ;) 
  5. Come home, relax and watch whatever you want, whenever you want

So why Boxee Box Streamer?
Besides being a hot and beautiful gadget, Boxee has a great UX! you won’t believe how easy is to manage your TV content in a smooth and elegant way - with its cool remote control (forget about clumsy keyboards around your living room).

"And finally … a device that could do what few in the industry have managed - make Apple’s rival product distinctively second best. Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC 


Some of the highlights of the Boxee box from my perspective -

  1. See your local movies and series from your home network in an amazing way. In addition, the Boxee brings all related information from the web regarding your local content automatically such as subtitles, trailers, an IMDB rating , description, etc.
  2. Connects you to the real VOD of the world - the Internet(!) - watch movies, episodes, straight to your T.V easily using a remote control and with no efforts.
  3. Enriching the T.V watching experience - Boxee has growing repository of applications library - like Navi-X,Pandora, Netflix, youTube, RSS Feeds, TED, Revision3, AcuuWeather and many more (depends on location) which definitely enhanced my watch T.V experience.
  4. Price is around 200$ (less than 3 months of TV cable) - ROI is guaranteed here.
  5. The Boxee box is a small and beautiful gadget and does not need a lot of space (like for a “media center” computer)

  Boxee box
In short - become the master of your own (content) domain - watch what ever you want, when ever you want.
There is a lot more functionality which i didn’t mention here, because i’m busy enjoying the ones above…but boxee has a lot more to offer…..
Saving 3K per year has never been easier and funnier!  
For all those that are asking about Boxee box competitors - so here is an answer from “The Next Web(an International Technology News, Business and Culture site)
So how does it stack up? In comparison to Apple’s TV, Boxee has nearly double the resolution and plays almost any file format while Apple TV is great for iTunes and stuff you can play on your iPod. Google TV is pretty amazing but Boxee is trying to replicate the TV watching experience with a remote as opposed to having to use a keyboard in your living room. Roku currently pushes all its content through 100 apps, while Boxee is adding over 400 apps from its library plus over 40,000 TV episodes and thousands of movies so no contest here. In comparison to Apple’s much anticipated HDTV? We’ll just have to wait and see.
The Boxee is the easiest way to bring movies, TV shows, photos and music from the web to your TV, I’m already using it and you?